Boisy Pitre, Jerry Heep, and the Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) - Part 2 (video)

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In part 2, RadioShack enthusiast Boisy Pitre and RadioShack engineer of over 30 years, Jerry Heep, sit down and chat about the upcoming book on the history of the Color Computer, which I'm helping to co-author. According to RadioShack, "this book is for people who love the Color Computer and will give them a true and accurate view on how the CoCo came to be."


Chris Perrault (not verified)
Great Book

As a former Coco user (a Coco 3 still sits lovingly enshrined in my basement), it was so great to read this book . A real blast from the past, as is Boisy. Cool to see him live and in living color, after having watched him play such a key part in the Coco's (and OS-9's) development over the years. Great job to both Boisy and Bill.

I have a review thread on Delphi's classic Color Computer forum if anyone is interested in chiming in:

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