Any Atari Fans Here ???

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I have used every Atari

I have used every Atari gaming system from the 2600 to the 7800 except the Jaguar and I have programmed on every Atari computer system as well from the Atari 400 to the Atari 1040 ST with the exception of the 130XE computer.

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Another fan here. Got my

Another fan here. Got my first 2600 in 1982. Played that in colour on the family TV and in b&w on my bedroom TV!!

Have a woody and a 7800 with a small collection of CIB games and a couple of homebrew efforts on-cart (Medieval Mayhem for 2600 and Pacman Collection for 7800). I also have a harmony cartridge. Have even hacked my own PAL60 versions of games like Demon Attack and Kaboom for use with that. Tend to tinker with Stella for emulation but I play mostly on the actual hardware through a VCR with a composite connection to a CRT.

Huge fan of Atari in their golden era of the early 80's in the arcade - played a lot of Tempest, Star Wars , Marble Madness, Battlezone and Asteroids.

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Count me in.. I'm so

Count me in.. I'm so dispointed they went Fubar in the end.. such weird managment and ideas in the 90's destroyed a great brand *Opinion. I got my 2600 the first christmas it was in stores and was quite the addict. Even used the Black&white switch I was so old school.. but lucky even then.. I had a 26' CONSOLE TV in my bedroom for my 2600.. I thought i was king of the hill with that setup.In the early days Indy 500 and Starship whre my favorites (of course there where only 7 games (if you dont count math and card games) i know i got 5 games with it, Indy 500, Starship, combat, AirSea battle? Snake and olympics.. was pretty sparce for awhile game wise.. But the next christmas it was great!...

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Most of us on here are Atari

Most of us on here are Atari fans. I for one have nearly every Atari system ever, so I'm definitely a fan. Emulator talk is just fine as well...


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