Matt Chat 163: Graeme Devine on the Fall of Trilobyte

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I'm back this week with the final installment of my interview with Trilobyte founder Graeme Devine, the programmer behind the hit game The 7th Guest and lead designer of Halo Wars. After The 7th Guest, Graeme and Rob were superstars, but their inflated egos led to one of the biggest disasters of their career--The 11th Hour, the long-anticipated and long-detested sequel. The big squabble was Graeme's reluctance to do anything that wasn't "Scooby Do," and Rob's desire to make cheesy soft porn.

Download the video here.

Sadly, Graeme's game Clandestiny, a cartoon game in the style of The 7th Guest, was all but ignored by gaming media at the time.

After shutting down Trilobyte, Graeme joined Ensemble and did Halo Wars, but was told just before the production finished that Microsoft was shutting down the studio. Poor Graeme!

What's next? Well, he drops some tantalizing hints at the end of the video about a new adventure game he's working on...


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