Sega Arcade Classic and Arcade Ultimate Portable Review - Part 2: An Armchair Arcade Exclusive Video Review

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In this video, I continue (part 1) my exclusive early look at the Sega Arcade Classic wireless game console and Sega Arcade Ultimate Portable handheld player from AtGames, both of which will be released in the US in time for the holidays. The new wired six button controller is also discussed.

Download the video here (has center watermark due to needing to compress file for download).

Disclosure: I provided unpaid consulting services to AtGames during the creation of these products. This consulting was related to product performance and marketing feedback, but did not involve anything related specifically to its engineering or production. All review units were provided by AtGames.


Anonymous (not verified)
can you download atari and

can you download atari and nes roms on the sega portable ?

Rob Daviau
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uhm no

Why would you think that? It is a Sega Genesis / Megadrive compatible clone.

You don't download anything with it, you obtain your Sega roms from wherever online and load them onto an SD card for use on the Sega portable.

If your looking to use NES and Atari roms then you need a portable that has emulators for those systems like a GP2X Caanoo or Dingoo.

Bill Loguidice
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Check the AtGames Website

Check the AtGames Website (online store) for great deals on the hardware and accessories:

It looks like even though AtGames officially provided me with the information, the pricing is even better than they said, for instance offering a pair of controllers for $20. Great deals.


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