The Systems that Changed Your Life

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I was listening to Shane R. Monroe's latest Retrogaming podcast and loved his discussion of the TRS-80 and how it changed him for life. The whole show is amazing, but that part got me seriously thinking about what machines had the most impact on me.

The Commodore 64 was the first machine I really spent any time with, but it wasn't until the Amiga 1000 that I was really old enough to appreciate the difference a new computer could make. I really got into that system far beyond just playing the games on it; I tried my hand at EVERYTHING--programming, graphics, music, animation, word processing, EVERYTHING. I even got into the shell and tried to figure out AREXX. I still remember when we opened up the cover to put in some new memory (zip sticks IIRC), and was amazed to see the designers' signatures carved into the interior! What a wonderful treat.

What machine--computer or console--really made that impact on you, changing you from a casual gamer or user into a lifelong passion?

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Quote: but that part got me

but that part got me seriously thinking about what machines had the most impact on me.

The machine that changed my life was my then best friends Atari 400 and after I saw what it could do and we can type in programs I went out and bought myself a Atari 800 and the rest as they say is history

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Apple IIe - wrote my first

Apple IIeuroplus - wrote my first program on one in school (would be called an app today I suppose). I was 14, it was late '79- early '80, I was smitten.

The 2600 arrived 2 years later at home and delivered the coup de grace - a life - for better or worse - with IT as a vocation and a profession.

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Its almost wrong to say, but

Its almost wrong to say, but PONG.. one of my older cousins (maybe in his late 20's) picked one up and had it at his parents during the Farming season (fall).. I was staying there to "help", i was to young, but at that time thought all that BS was fun and they had 4 older boys who basically picked on me (which I thought was fun too) in a fun way ( not the way kids pick on each other today, no wonder they grow up and are such tools now days). as I was about 9 at the time (75 i believe) I got in the way more then anything so i had to stay home when the REAL work was done.. and I got to play PONG, but it was 2 player and I was the only one home.. i played both sides. I simply could not get enough of the game. I got one for Christmas the same year and was the only one in my small town with one.. so all my friends came and played. Next year I got a Telestar Coleco TANK console.. and the year later the 2600 came out and I got that.

Pong addicted me for sure.. I would guess something else would have but , pong was it for me. Bezerk in the arcades was a huge one for me too, it talked!, it had levels that always varied, it took real skill to shoot (space invaders did too, but spam shooting worked to some degree).. After that Guantlet was a huge one ( 4 player, AD&D!!!) and is still a favorite of mine today on the mame machine when freinds are over (yes I build my mame machine so 4 player Gauntlet could be played).

Computers- its really hard.. I want to say AMIGA too.. as much like you guys it was the one I truly thought was the "best" in many ways still do.. but the c-64 has to be mine.. it was the first One I got online with, (compuserve, Genie, Q-link) first one I played ONLINE MMRPG's (Drakken, and several of the Gemstone games) First one I played Cyberstrike (before any other multi player shooters, keep in mind it was TRUE 3-d in 93, and DOOM cam out the same year.. so Cyberstrike was the FIRST Team Based 3D shooter!!!!!) in the early 90's it even played good with a modem. here is a short demo of Cyberstrike 2 (much better graphics but same core gameplay, in fact other then better graphics its almost the same game) strong language!

in the last few years- L4D .. i love a TEAM based game the PUNISHES the wankers hard who don't play TEAM based. And almost any of the Elder Scroll games.. I cant get enough exploring.. the worlds seem as real as any in a video game.. I hve well overe 300 hours in Skyrim... and keep going back to play it again a different way (evil, good, Avon)

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AMIGA was good enough for NASA!

Nuff said!

Rob Daviau
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All the way! An a500 eventually followed by an A1200. I was blown away by what it could do compared to a PC back in those days, I would always show it off, very obscure in Canada nobody I knew really "got it" but once I showed them the games, paint programs, speech capability etc and of course Demos, everyone was so impressed. When I explained it was all done in 1/2 mb of RAM they simply did not believe it was possible. These days sadly my only interaction is emulation but to this day still my favorite computer of all time! I collect all types of consoles and computers from back in the day and consider myself pretty non-biased but I will say IF I could have ever been considered an obnoxious "fan boy" it was back in my Amiga days and I make NO apologizes about it lol.


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