Apple now owns the rectangle

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Matt Barton
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Lots of news about this case. It seems like the extremists are saying it's the end of the smartphone era, whereas others are saying it won't impact end-users at all. I'm curious to know what your thoughts are on it; I admit that I haven't researched it very much myself.

Paul H
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I dislike it. Look and feel

I dislike it.

Look and feel should be protected through copyright and trademark, patent is supposed to protect novel inventions.

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they will most likley not win

they will most likley not win in the end (apple) this is like copywriting a mouse, its a interface gusture design. if you ever watched any "hacker" movie its not APPLES idea, its been done long before.. sure its a pinch on a small screen but its no different then what keanu reeves did in Johnny Menomic. hands phsed aprt to enlarge, pulled toghter in a clap like mostion to shrink.. instead of arms, apples uses fingers ( smaller screen). Of course peopel copyrighting idea that ar not ther own.. well that has worked in the past.. but even Apples Rabid fanbase has to see this as 'stealing an idea" that wasnt there idea, but everybodies.. and that kind of publicity is not good.

the bad news is Samsung which actually sell more phones then Apple (does this smack of "your beating us fair, NO FAIR!" of the old Bill gates sue days cuz we got more money then you to drag it out stuff or what? Samsung has money, but it cant sit with its most populor prodct cant sell..

its a blow, but not a long lasting one, the inovation in phones right now is leaping so fast, and Apple is doing the classic mistake.. inovating by "bigger" or "thinner" or .. they are not changing the core, just the look.. as for teh rest of them tehy are also making the classic mistake of trying to copy an not do new things ( look at every MMORPG since WoW, you cant beat um at the same game, it needs to be new).

right now Apple is only doing good in the US.. elsewhere its doing so-so.. good enouhg for now as we spend the most.. but in the HUGE emerging markets its not even doing Poor (china) Much like its been in the past.. the US is about 5 years behind everybody else in phone tech.. and we still are..

its interesting. we will soon see what money can an cant buy.

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