Matt Chat 161: Graeme Devine's Early Days

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I'm back this week with a new interview series with Graeme Devine, the coding wizard best known for The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour. However, Graeme also did important work for id and goes back much earlier, developing some very impressive games for the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and PC Jr./Tandy 1000. In this segment, we chat about his early days on those systems, wrapping up with his games Silver Surfer and Spot for the NES. Lots of good stuff here, particularly for fans of the UK's game development scene of the 80s.

Download the video here.

Sorry this video took awhile; I was in Florida visiting with the in-laws for a week. Timing couldn't have been worse; my book's deadline was the day before the trip and school starts tomorrow! (Yikes!) So it's been and continues to be scramble mode here at the Matt Cave. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to keep to the schedule, though there might be some delays here and there.


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My 1.5 seconds of fame!

Heh. Thanks for including that snippet of RetroZap! in this MattChat. I'm honored.

Awesome, awesome interview. Have absolutely loved Graeme's work since 7th Guest, and this is a delightful look back at his time in the "Golden Era". Still amazes me what could be done with the Sinclair and Amstrad machines. I've very recently been looking at some of the recent demoscene stuff for those European machines, and what the coders are able to make the machines do is nothing short of stunning.

I'd love it if you'd do a MattChat or a maybe podcast where you talk about the work on your latest book. My schedule is a lot saner now, so maybe we can _finally_ coordinate a podcast.



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