Games you would be willing to pay $100+ for collector's editions--and what you'd like to see included

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Matt Barton
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We've been talking about collecting games a lot lately, mostly in response to Mark's video questions. So I thought I'd ask one. What games would you like to see collector's editions for? I'm thinking mostly about classic titles, but I suppose any will do as long as there doesn't already exist one--or, if it does, it's not as extensive (or expensive!) as you'd like.

Here's a couple I'd like to see:

1. Pool of Radiance Updated Collector's Pack. Same game & interface, but updated. Would include the clue book, novelization, poster, and signed box. It'd also be nice to have a miniature of the guy on the cover of Tyranthraxus. Or scratch all of this and just give me the cool looking sword on the cover. :) and how about a metal code wheel?

2. Star Control II collector's edition. So much you could do with this one--poster, ship/alien miniatures, maybe a CD with the music, perhaps some odd toys or candies from the minds of Paul and Fred. If they were really evil, they could throw in a random ship and alien, so you'd have to try to collect them all or trade to get your favorite.

3. Arcanum Collector's Edition. Need I say more?

Paul H
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I let this rattle around in

I let this rattle around in my head for a day so it's time to answer. For me to justify spending $100+ on a collectors edition I think I would need some sort of hardware to come with the purchase. Something like a really nice arcade stick or maybe a replica joystick/controller/keyboard if it's a classic remake. If the game is based on a book series or a movie series it could come with a nice box set of the books/movies.

There's a company now making "commodore 64" computers that are essentially a PC+emulator built inside a replica keyboard.

Somebody is set to release a neat Neo Geo compilation on a their own system, and their "gold" package include a dock for the handheld and a joystick. I think they are asking $200 which is too much for me, but it is an attractive package for a collector.

This kickstarter had a joystick included in the highest donation tier.

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I thought long and hard about

I thought long and hard about this.. Most the games I wanted remakes of have been done. Dune II was done 2X Dune 2000 and Emperor, both nice additions but quite simple y lacking.. Command An Conquer (really a remake of DUNE II in a way) also done many time over... in this case Red Alert was great, but the remake was quite simpley the BEST RTS game ever to me... so in this case the remake was worth it. But .. 3rd time was not good.. I know this isn't about what makes a remake good.. but here is a PERFECT game to show why. Original was quirkly enough to stand out fromt he pack of RTS that where flooding the game market at the time. But the second game in the series put it all together, they DIDN'T make wholesale changes, they just improved graphics, interface, and added a few little things. Same game improved is the KEY! Red Alert 3 added co-op in a forced way, it made the action way faster, it took the fairly good rock/paper/scissors and added the UBER units, red alert 2 had um.. and if you wanted to spend hours building um you could. Even then they where Uber but not OP, the Uber units in RA3 are way above UBER.. if you are not ready for them.. you lose, no ifs and or buts. The game took the Camp of the first two which was set at 5 so it never got annoying and turned it to 11 so it was way to annoying to deal with in cut scenes.

I find it hard to see games i loved redone.. its such a crap shoot. You crave and update but cringe to see if they mess it up to badly. but....

Wizardry 7 (even the early ones), EOB ( but Grimrock has done a good job) Gauntlet ( yes the arcade one) but if i had to pick just one...

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I've always thought that game

I've always thought that game producers should put some more effort into collectors editions = apart from providing some more space hungry tat - the majority are not worth the effort. Instead I'd like to see maybe a bonus level, scenario or character added to special builds of the game....

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