The Best of FOSS Gaming

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Neverball: Who says FOSS games are primitive?Neverball: Who says FOSS games are primitive?Terry Hancock of Free Software Magazine has published a wonderful review of several free software games for the GNU/Linux platform--and the best part is, he selected them based on the folks who would know (his kids!). I was struck by how many of these titles resemble some of my favorite Amiga shareware games, like Atomic Tanks and MOAGG (a Thrust clone). There are also some good-looking shooters, several strategy games, and a really sweet-looking 3D pinball game called Neverball. I strongly recommend that you head over to FSF and check out Terry's reviews!

I've got Ubuntu installed on my sidekick computer, so hopefully I'll get the chance soon to try out some of these games myself! I'll keep you posted.