VC 314 Raspberry PI in a Commodore 64

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Not mine but damn this is cool. I have not looked into the Raspberry Pi much but this video caught my eye.

Original video description:

Published on Jul 6, 2012 by Retrotext
This is the completed version of my earlier video about putting a Raspberry PI in a dead C64,

or auf Deutch im Lotek64 magazin

It had died once in the storage container where it was first found, and now it lives again!
Science & Technology

I know many of you know a lot more about this device.


Mark Vergeer
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ROb, you did it again! Great find.

Shawn Delahunty
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I want I want I want

Yow! That is wicked slick Rob! Thanks for digging that up--I now know what I am going to do when I come across a hosed-up C64 at a garage sale again.


Rob Daviau
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Glad you guys liked it, I figured there would be fans here for something like this.


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