Original Neverwinter Nights: Resurrection... now offline for good

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Shawn Delahunty
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Like Charlie Brown, I think I have the worst sense of timing in the known Universe. Just a few days ago I started flipping through Matt Barton's Dungeons and Desktops book again, and read about the original Neverwinter Nights MMO hosted on AOL. I had considered looking into the fan-made reboot of the game, NWN:Resurrection before, but last night decided to go digging for information and check it out for myself. I've been jonesing lately for some old-school RPG...

Well, guess what? I stumbled across this posting on IGN from "Snake", the game-master who's been hosting the game on his servers for a decade now. He shut the game down for good yesterday. ***Sigh.*** I guess I'll have to look elsewhere for my fix.


@Matt: Wondering if it might be interesting to do a Matt Chat, or perhaps an AA podcast interview with this guy? I've got something of a normal schedule back, and can consider looking into the weekly podcast again.


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I must admit EverQuest was my

I must admit EverQuest was my huge "wow" moment in gaming. What a RPG online could be.. but those early years in NWN as Qlink died and AOL rose from its ashes. They where the Wild West of Gaming.. it really was the closest thing to AD&D but online instead of friends.. We had strict rules about how you could play Emotes where in brackets, etc.. you HAD TO ROLE PLAY or you got booted .. but back then we all DID roleplay.. it wasn't like today where its laughed at. We enjoyed it and it added to the game.. nobody has imagination today..

If you want the "first" its still going.. this was my first ONLine RPG with graphics beyond static screens .. http://www.kingdomofdrakkar.com/

what really amazes me is it looks almost like it did WAY BACK.. and it still looks pretty dang good..

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nwn on aol

try forgotten world. is a remake of the original nwn on aol

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