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XForce 3D: My b-day is coming up...XForce 3D: My b-day is coming up...Twitch Gaming has published a feature about Peculiar PC Gaming Devices that's sure to get your heart rate up this morning. There are some fantastic looking devices here that I'd dearly love to own, such as these awesome 3D glasses. I checked out the homepage and am now even more curious. Does anyone know anything about these glasses? I also liked this racing setup. I'm not really into racing games, but if I had this setup, I probably would be. There are also a couple guns here for your PC--though these look a bit silly to me--but not nearly as stupid as this scarf for portable gaming and computing devices.


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The most interesting PC

The most interesting PC controller that I can recall off the top of my head that I have is a pool stick. Basically it's a shortened pool cue that you place in between rollers that sense impact speed. Neat stuff, but as with most of these gimmicky things one rarely gets time to really make use of it.

One day I really have to go through all the weird keyboards, controllers and add-ons for the various systems I have. It's really amazing some of the stuff that was dreamed up and released over the years, a lot of it really quite crappy...

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The 3001 AD Virtual Reality

The 3001 AD Virtual Reality unit seems interesting. It's never been pulled off correctly, but I imagine their unit and subsequent generations may finally succeed. Hopefully we are still around to try it out!

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