Matt Chat 158: Dave Warhol on Game Audio, LucasFilm, and Maniac Mansion for NES

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Lots of stuff here for NES fans, including lots of behind-the-scenes stuff as Dave's RealTime Associates company negotiates with Nintendo over the Maniac Mansion port. "The Pubic Pixel!" We also talk about game audio in general and the music in several of Dave's games, starting off with my personal favorite--the Pool of Radiance theme.

Download the video here.


Anonymous (not verified)
Just writing in to make a few

Just writing in to make a few corrections on this video.

1. Dave Warhol did not do the music for Tales of the Unknown: Volume I. It was Lawrence Holland.
2. Dave Warhol did not put the hamster in the microwave oven in Maniac Mansion. It was David Fox.

Please do your research next time. There is enough nonsensical garbage floating around out there already, and it sickens me when the wrong people get credit for somebody else's hard work.

I have not ever donated to your show and have no plans to do so now.

Matt Barton
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Joined: 01/16/2006
There's actually a visual

There's actually a visual note that pops up concerning Lawrence Holland and The Bard's Tale music. Perhaps you are listening to the audio only?

I don't recall anyone claiming that Warhol invented the hamster in Maniac Mansion, either. I interviewed David Fox earlier, and he tells the story about how he came up with the idea and proposed it to the team. It only came up in Dave W's interview because his company handled the finicky censorship policies with their NES conversion of it.

As for whether to donate, it's sad to me that a show like this could be worth your time to view it, but not a few dollars to show your appreciation for all the work that went into it. It reminds me of people who will use anything as an excuse to stiff a waiter on a tip or something. "I said no pickles. No tip for you!" Is making people angry at you really worth saving a buck here and there? I doubt it.

Rob Daviau
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Joined: 05/19/2006

Might it have been at all possible to submit your corrections without being a condescending ASS about it?

No probably not, typical of "Anonymous" posters here.......

Seems on a daily basis my stance on not allowing "Anonymous" postings is reinforced.
To easy to be a trolling ass when hiding behind the Anonymous label. Every time I see a negative or generally asinine post from anonymous or other unregistered user I just assume it is all from the same person / troll and will continue thinking that unless proven otherwise.

Bill Loguidice
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Joined: 12/31/1969
Yep, no reason for the childish anonymous trolling

Yeah, I'm with you Rob, plus there's no consideration for the amount of work any of this takes. I'm sure that anonymous person never makes a mistake or two either...

Rowdy Rob
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Joined: 09/04/2006
Right on.
Rob Daviau wrote:

Might it have been at all possible to submit your corrections without being a condescending ASS about it?

Right on. I'm sure a more positive approach to "corrections" would have yielded a better response, and would have been appreciated.

As for donations, Matt Chat is a quality show, and I'm sure much effort, research, and time goes into each show. Matt's getting interviews with people who are of intense interest to many of us in the gaming community, and he's asking them intelligent and engaging questions. I'm not aware of anyone else consistently doing that on Youtube. Plus he's showcasing some of the best (and often forgotten) games in a fun (and funny) way. And he does it with great screen presence and charisma.

I couldn't do what Matt does. ( I doubt you could either, Anonymous.) I'm glad he's doing it. The gaming world is better off that he's doing it!

Here's a quote from the "Matt Chat" page:

"So, join the crew today by making a donation you're comfortable with...." That doesn't sound like a gun to your head.

If you don't want to donate, that's up to you. Watch the show, or not. As for me, I watch the show, enjoy it, and appreciate the great effort.

Amy (not verified)
I just don't try to remember

I just don't try to remember anyone proclaiming that Warhol devised the hamster for Maniac Mansion, either. I just interviewed Bob Fox sooner, and he / she tells the story about precisely how he saw the idea and planned it towards team. It solely came in place in Dave W's job because your partner's company completed the finicky censorship policies in relation to their NES conversion of computer.

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