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looks like most everything made for a few systems. There has been some debate on game websites about if this is legit. The auction did end before its set time saying it sold. Million bucks (plus)!

Amazing to think the time it would take, and resources.. just thougt I would post as a "holy heck"! thing.

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Yeah, I saw that too.

Yeah, I saw that too. Impressive if true, and it certainly seems legit. I'm not sure if it's worth $1 million, but it's certainly worth quite a bit, particularly in a collecting world that values completeness. I could see this person getting hundreds of thousands of dollars at the very least. With that said, he would be better off hooking up with an auction house and selling the complete lots individually. That might work out to his best advantage. After all, it's one thing to have an impressive collection, it's another to have individual known complete collections.


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