David Crane on PITFALL 3 !

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Hey guys, just noticed a new member over at Atariage and thought you would all be interested as it is the man and legend himself DAVID CRANE
sharing his thoughts on Pitfall 3 ! Best ever 1st post lol!


I have copied it for you all below for those not interested in clicking the link:


Posted Today, 12:06 PM

This is David Crane. The author of this thread - Byte Knight - tracked me down through a Facebook account that I rarely use. He provided me this link.

Where do I start? First, one poster hit the nail on the head regarding making Pitfall 3… Activision owns the PItfall name, and they have even made a couple of sequels since I left the company in 1987. Pitfall belongs to them because the company was paying my salary when I created it. (Under today's intellectual property laws, the Mona Lisa would belong to Lisa's husband who paid Da Vinci for a portrait of his wife. And Queen Isabella of Spain discovered America - since she paid for the trip.) So, No, I will not be making Pitfall 3. I couldn't if I wanted to.

Second, the 2600. The 2600 has always been my favorite system because of the challenge it provided. But as much as I love it, it is not the best system to make a game. And in my line of work, I believe that the game is more important than the system. SInce you are viewing this thread, you all have a fondness for the 2600 and the games from the early days of video games. And you enjoyed playing Pitfall. I submit to you that it is not the 2600 that made those games great. Sure, the limited hardware forced us to be more creative in making games, and it showed in those early titles. But I have found that those same skills translate into game design regardless of the system. When I am given complete creative control and the time to make exactly the game I want to make, it can be just as much fun to play as Pitfall.

So what system is best? With the right team in place, any modern system has the power to deliver on my vision of what a game should be. And I know what I'm talking about. I have published over 100 games since I started, and I have programmed them on 25 different game consoles or platforms. What is my favorite modern system? I really like the iPhone and iPad, but I will always choose the platform that best complements the game.

Another reason that it would be difficult to make Pitfall 3, even if I had the rights, is because I am always working on new game ideas. I am currently in the design and planning stage of the biggest game project I have taken on in 20 years. You all know now that it won't be Pitfall 3. But on the other hand, this September is PItfall's 30th anniversary. And nobody would be surprised if my new, major game project were to pay homage in some way to the most popular game I ever made.

All is currently top secret. But if you would like to be among the first to learn about the project when it becomes public, go to http://www.JungleVenture.com and submit your email address. You will hear the details at the same time the press is notified. You can also follow me on Twitter @PitfallCreator. I'm not one of the most talkative tweeters, but neither do I announce where I am going to dinner every night. And as I start to leak details on the project, it will probably be there.

But for this group I have to come back to the 2600. I will admit that I still have a certain fondness for the good ol' VCS. In fact, sitting on my desk about 5 feet away as I write this is a PC with a CAD design 80% complete for a super 2600 cartridge that incorporates the best of my DPC chip design and my $FE bank switch circuitry, among other cool features. One day I hope to finish that circuit design and make a 2600 cartridge that would really kick butt. All I have to do is figure out a way to make that project complement my new, big game project rather than causing a distraction.

I'll work on that.


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I just saw the word "Pitfall"

I just saw the word "Pitfall" and instantly the theme from the C64 version of pitfall 2 went playing through my head. I guess I must have heard it about a million times as a kid. ;)

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Not surprising. When Matt and

Not surprising. When Matt and I interviewed him for our documentary, he didn't seem particularly into the whole Pitfall thing. He pretty much divorced himself from his creation and moved on long ago, which probably makes sense since it's been bastardized over the years. Still, it's nice to see that he's paying it some mind for the 30th. It's also not surprising him talking hardware. I think the impression we got most of all from him is that he loved making things work and inventing new ways of doing things moreso than the act of game creation, though he certainly has done plenty of the latter (probably more with a business mind than a creative mind in his later career, but still).

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I think this was the most

I think this was the most brillant 2600 programmer of those days.. While I was never a Pitfall fan.. enjoyed it but never the way most did..But Canyon Bomber (2600), grand Prix.. one of the best, if not best 2600 racing game. laser Blast.. horrible game (if you look today) but i was a huge fan in the 2600 days.. KaBOOM! a game thats been copied in many ways today even.

and.. (moment of silence) he worked on Night Trap!

Nice to see he is still into all this.

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