Intellivision's DK Arcade on sale June 23,24 for 30.00!

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Anyone here getting DK Arcade for the Intellivision? A weekend sale is right now!

This is a great Upgrade to the Horrible Coleco version form the 80's.


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I can remeber getting it for

I can remeber getting it for my intl as it was better then the Atari 2600 version (in my eyes).. but nowdays.. rom's...orgiinal for me. And I actually do own a board, I picked up alot of the common ones at an auction , I think I got 130 working boards (many are dups) for $200 when the local guys closed up the arcade stuff, wish i had bought some machines too.. but just couldnt store um. I kick myself monthly for passing up a B.O.T.T.S. for $200

I was alwasy suprised even the coleco one was only 3 screens, both the atari 2600 and Intl where 2.. I alwasy felt the rivet (4th stage) was the worst.. and its in all of them :( heck the TRS-80 (color) and vic 20 had all the screens!

as alwasy cool to see the old stuff supported!

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I can attest to the quality,

I can attest to the quality, too. I'm looking forward to the boxed version of DK2 Arcade as well...


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