Forbes - 'The Truth Is, It Doesn't Work' - CD Projekt On DRM

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finally got around to reading

finally got around to reading this.. it is worth the read, not reading any new water.. but excellent retreading. its kinda funny, the Witcher.. I did Torrent the first one, do not remeber why, but (and my memory failes me often) I seem to remeber hearing about it and hitting Best Buy and Walmart (my local game stores have every console game made, but about 10 PC games) and it wasnt around. So i did a torrent search.. played it and loved it. And (does anybody belive it when oyu say this, its really true as I can prove it with my STEAM ID) when it came out on STEAM i grabbed it. That torrent made me purchase the orginal, and the 2nd one.

I'm not going to discuss pirate and DRM much as we have 100's of threads on it.

I was a huge pirate.. simpley true - at one time. If you want HONEST reason why i dont anymore. There are a few. FIRST AND FORMOST for me, STEAM, i hated iw hwne Halflife 2 came out. "all that is evil, I wont play that game ever" famous words.. which i soon forgot i said and I installed steam and played halflife.. then one day on Blues news was a post about every game Id ever made, every game Valve ever made in a cheap $50 pack.. but only on STEAM.. i bought um both. STEAM has made more money for game developers in the last 5 years off me then all the game i bought 20 years prior. EASE OF USE, Prices that work.. it can even be said about console games.. Right now there is a movment to kill "used" games.. I think thats the dumbest thing ever.. I can say if they kill used games i may never buy another console.. I buy maybe 5 games a year on release for full price.. the rest are EBAY, GameFLY, etc.. all cheap.

DRM has never stopped me... annoyed me.. but its never stopped me from buying a game eitehr so Im not "no DRM or I wont buy".. CLEAR 'screw the custmore for money" tactics are about the only thing I rebel against.. And it has to be some really harsh bliant stuff ... only 1 or 2 (game)companies doing that stuff nowdays..

No im not a pirate anymore, not becuase of better DRM, but better access to games, for prices i deem worthwhile. I gotta admit.. I KNOW its got more money out of me now then the old days.

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