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For those of us in Europe with lots of older consoles to connect to a designated retro gaming TV, the fact that most CRTs only have 1 SCART socket that supports RGB is a pain. In Europe an RGB connection is the way to go - superior to s-video and also supports PAL60 for Dreamcast era on.

Modern TVs are starting to drop SCART and when it is there we only have one socket. I have perservered with cheap SCART blocks up to now that allow you to connect multiple SCART compatible sources to one socket but it can cause problems - the image can be dimmer and in one case I discovered that when using my Sega Saturn, my Gamecube and Megadrive's power LEDs were illumunating even though they were disconnected from their power source - alarming to say the least.

I have at long last took the plunge and invested in a powered SCART switch which prevents power leakage between sockets and supports 5 RGB sources - it really has made a difference - the image is so much brighter and its well worth the money. It comes with a remote and can be used to record from one source to another too.



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Neat. I have a SCART to HDMI

Neat. I have a SCART to HDMI converter that I'm thrilled with myself. I only do classic consoles and computers one at a time these days.


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