New Article: Watching HBO GO on Xbox 360

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My Xbox bookThe last of the three newest articles (of six total to date) has been released that adds new companion information to our latest book, My Xbox: Xbox 360, Kinect, and Xbox LIVE. Check out: Watching HBO GO on Xbox 360 (and from earlier: Discovering XFINITY TV for Xbox 360 and Using MLB.TV on Xbox 360). HBO GO brings unlimited access to the network’s original series, hit movies, sporting events, documentaries, and comedy specials. The article discusses how to use your controller or Kinect to play, pause, and rewind through all your favorite HBO shows, as well as gain access to special interactive features.


Shawn Delahunty
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Nice Article!

That's an interesting topic Christina, and I think your article is very clear and well written--and that's coming from someone who possesses neither an XBox360 nor HBO. I was able to follow the gist of things very easily.

One question--how would you rate this in terms of being a "frictionless experience"? (I feel a little icky for using such a blatant marketing term, but that's what it takes to get people to pry their credit cards out of their wallets.) Is it tempting enough to use (or easier to use) as opposed to the more conventional alternatives?

Oh, and how goes the new book?



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