Matt Chat 151: Shane R. Monroe on DRM, Amiga, Abandonware, and why he'll never play Diablo III

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In the last segment of my interview with retrogaming's Howard Stern, Shane R. Monroe chats with me about the glorious days of the Amiga (and why it ultimately failed despite having the best tech), the illegal but inevitable abandonware black markets, the "sinister" and self-defeating DRM industry, and why he would have never made the Vita. He gets really fired up in this episode--classic Shane--and there's pretty funny moments.

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Nathaniel Tolbert
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Heh, Rockgen

I have one of those in the box sitting on the shelf behind me. They were terrible genlockers compared to the some of the competition out there. Excellent show, Matt!

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Privacy+ recommandation

Diablo III is similar as Steam, for games for small price, but:
1) You cant modify this game by mods, ok you can, mods dont work after auto forced updates.
2) You cant event select installation folder, pure evil!
3) You dont own copy of game, they can everything, i physical no steam copies arent enabled.
4) Worst, they already literary stealing your harddrive - did you see theys HW steam users surveys? They discover you installed application list, include, Word, Browsers, Picture editor, Picture viewer everything..
5) EUR=Dolar theft

I hope, that polish GOG will better alternative in future to this american crapp own by Gabe the piggie.

Next content:
- no more adventures pleas, especialy those for womans, its good that are dead, i realised when i was 13 years old, that is genre basic design simply doesnt works. Basic adventure as Gabriel Knight 2 still loose.
- i will recommed again Albion (masterpiece German), Elvira (i never got if is this game good or bad), Perihelion (scifi dungeon Hungary), Ishar (France), Arx Fatalis (first dungeon after Stonekeep, what is worthy, better than Grimrock stupid Eye of Beholder copy), Stalker best FPS from last 5 years (Ukraine).

Last of Lore oh no- generic quality copy as say chinese boys, i done it, but i was very boring, as famous probably only because is Westwoods game, second installment a bit more interesing.

Who: Brujah Zealot, the pimp of babylons bitch. / Location: Scorched heart of Europe. // Sorry for my moldavian sort of english, i have 2 possibilities, to be silent or try to say something +look like idiot..

Shawn Delahunty
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Great Show - No D3 for me either

Thanks Matt for continuing to put so much effort into these interviews. They are terrific! I have to agree with Shane completely on Diablo-3, which makes me very very sad. I won't be buying it, and I likely won't be buying another Blizzard game--they'll certainly stick to the 'online only', 'digital download only' and (eventually) 'must be in the cloud only' business scheme. Terrible really, but I'm not sure how much of a backlash they will see. I know they don't care about the $60 I won't be spending on them.

At this point, I suspect the only thing which will jar some of these companies into remembering what "customers" really are, is losing a big chunk of market-share to a company which actually cares about customers and which treats them decently. Will that happen? Will it happen on a scale big enough for the big players like Blizzard to notice and react? Or will we continue down the road towards a hideous 'conglommo-co' named "Electronic Activizzard"? (Which will itself be bought out eventually and turn into Weyland-Yutani...)

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so much good stuff... piracy

so much good stuff...
piracy - stealing ... everybody wants a 56 chevy .. you steal one becuase GM wont offer one is still theft. the only vaild converstionon it is Moral based IMHO..

Diablo III- one thing tht wasnt pointed out.. most talk was about teh solo play, its not marketed as solo play. so that is the PLAYERS problem, I truelly hate the online DRM thing.. no doubt.. but as much as I hate it I understand it.. Diablo has more people who use the multi player then the solo.. the games life is the poeple who play years online.. without them "montioring" the system it simply would be full of bots, cheaters, etc.. THEY really are protecting us.. and themsleves no doubt. Counter Strike is still the Numbe one played online game.. if it was full of cheaters/hackers.. NOBODY would play. There HAS to be some kind of police.. BUT!!!!! they could have sold a SOLO box too.. with no online needed.. that would ahve cut some profits.. but i hate to say it, unless we adapt to the somewhat draconian DRM and online thing i think we will find us playing old games and NO NEW ones..

I fought MS for years.. browser, OS, office.. I was a Amiga, then linux person.. I was doing none netscpe IE browsers before none Ie browsers where cool. There is NOTHING i cant do on a linux box , the problem is .. it always took time and effort on my part. as I get older I chose my battles alot more carefully. I hate how IE crashs here and there.. but it auto updates.. it doew work most of the time and even firefox and chrome crash.. I know Chrome is faster.. but we are tlaking miliseconds.. I just dont care enouhg about my hate for MS and its anal wasy to bother anymore... I sure wont do more then complaine ( here and elsewhere) about the DRM issues.. if the game is fun.. im not skipping it for that reason. It doesnt harm me, it annoys me.. but it doesnt harm me in any way.. Now we get into other areas.. EA, screwing devs, killing great game companies beucase for greed.. that does harm my FUN.. I will fight that.

that talk about big companies.. GREED has ruined more in this world then anything else i think.. war, disease, we as a rae are horrilby flawed.. MONEY is the only sure hting..

excellent talk....

Matt you wann do a oddball Podcast.. do Kohan (or Kohan II, which I feel is a more polished game).. its jsut RTS done a bit like Relic (coh) years before they did it and where crowned with "new intersting idea in RTS" set in a very generic fantasy world.. but with control points, hero units (you picked, not hte game) and unit structures unlike most any othe RTS.. you chose to be a heavy tank type fighter.. you can custom build your units (not units per say, but groups of units, squads i guess). Not a well known game.. but honstely one of the first inovators of the RTS that never got credit for a great game.. Just opinion.. maybe not well known enough to be a good choice. or if you want real old school OVERLORD ( or Supremacy) ont eh AMIGA (and PC) or Corperation on the amiga ( fps before Wolf and DOOM!!!!) but unforntalty a very unforgiving and only OK game.

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