Kickstarter: Trackball PC Game Controller

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Bill Loguidice
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Backed another one, Trackball PC Game Controller:

I can see using that potentially with the OnLive console as well.

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here it is some guys who did some tests on skill with it, how it improved and such. good read.

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why wait.. there is already a

why wait.. there is already a 360 one and a PS3/PC one ( i have the ps3 one) and I had the old Alphagrip PC one (cool unit, its basicly a full keyboard and trackball in a gamepad.. but it never worked well for me) from 7-8 years ago. Also the Xeox one (cant get in the US as far as I can tell). And a Igugo one (pc based) The 360 ones are quite hot with the PRO Halo players.. the first one started showing up on the Old Xbox (modded).

one of the 360 ones was released last year (there are about 4 manufactures that i know of).

Ps3/PC one was released a couple years ago. I picked mine up at a local game shop that "used" to deal alot in mod chips and such (ps3) I liked it for first person shooters, but nothing else... and all my hardcore console freinds dont care for it..

I think it would be great if you started with it, but its kinda learning all over. if you stuck with it I am pretty sure you could AIM way better then a stick.. I also noticed with a stick i tend to move the aim when i dont want too, with the ball i didnt as much.

this one looks very PS3 (somthin I like but most prefer the 360 size) so I would think the 360 onew would fit more players.

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