Wall Street Journal: Sony Rejects Web-based Playstation Console

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Rowdy Rob
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Recently on AA, we've all been speculating on whether the next generation of gaming consoles will eliminate physical media in favor of straight digital distribution. According to the WSJ, the answer is "NO," at least in Sony's case.

Several reasons are listed, and they actually make reasonable sense from a business perspective. Among one of the reasons listed: going digital-only could create a rift between Sony and the brick-and-mortar retailers and distributors that make a profit from selling game discs. Since Sony relies heavily on such stores to sell their many products, it makes sense to stay in their good graces.

Another possible tidbit: it's likely that we'll see the next generation Playstation console in 2013. So the end is finally near for this long-lived console generation.

The WSJ article also mentions Microsoft's next gen console too, although I won't spoil it. Read the full Wall Street Journal article here:


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Bill Loguidice
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I never believed for a moment

I never believed for a moment any of them would go digital only. It's one generation too soon (maybe two, but I'm thinking one). Besides, if anyone knows the failings of a digital only game system, it's Sony with the PSP Go. Holiday 2013 for both Sony and Microsoft is what we were all expecting as well. You can already see the signs of this generation losing some steam, but I think it can be milked a bit longer, particularly in light of the Wii U's expected technological power.

What intrigues me are the rumors of Sony offering OnLive or one of the other game streaming services on the PS3. Now THAT would make things really interesting, particularly if it's promoted in the right way...


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