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For anyone who is a fan of RTS games, specifically of the original Conquest: Frontier Wars, there is a kickstarter campaign up and running to produce a sequel. From the Kickstarter page:

Conquest 2 - The Vyrium Uprising is the sequel to the critically acclaimed real time strategy game Conquest: Frontier Wars. You build and command a vast armada of ships, factories and research facilities to become the dominant force in the universe.

Gameplay revolves around managing your resources, upgrading your fleets, and fighting to expand your territory. Be careful though, in Vyrium Uprising you also need to watch your supplies and supply lines as those become strategic targets for your enemies and sometimes those sneaky conniving Allies too.

We are about 50% complete with Vyrium Uprising, yet there is still a ton of stuff to do, things like balancing the 4 races, new artwork for units & interface, new campaigns to design, so much more cool stuff!

While we don't believe in patting ourselves on the back, we certainly don't mind it when others do. Conquest: Frontier Wars was Worthplaying's RTS of the Year, and earned an IGN Editor's Choice Award. In addition, it scored a 98/100 on GameZilla and won The Wargamer's coveted "Award for Excellence" with five out of five stars.

Please note that third pararaph: We are about 50% complete with Vyrium Uprising... This is not a 'maybe' or a 'possibly' kind of project. So if you're mildly interested, excited, or beside-yourself with anticipation for a new, good, "old school" RTS game, please consider chipping in.

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Huge RTS, may be my favorite

Huge RTS, may be my favorite type of game but I'm sure i never played this. I see the box and recognise it, but to be honest i never knew it was a RTS, i assumed it was another 4X type game.. Something to be said for power of advertising. I did not like Homeworld, let me say that now.. The limited resources and ammount of units, the 3D space.. I can see the beauty of it, its actually the perfect place for a complex RTS, but i was always overwlemed.

I did some very quick reading.. it sounded like Star Trek Armada (which i loved, as it removed the 3D space, and the units are easy to tell apart). Is it 2D or 3D space?

Now i gotta order this on ebay.. didnt see any DD sites with it.

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