Men in Black III--The nail in the coffin?

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Wow...I just read my favorite movie critic's response to the abortion that is MIB III:


I thought the first one was okay (even it wasn't "awesome" IMO), but the second one definitely fell short. That leaves me wondering why anyone thought a third one was necessary or even desirable. Are there really swarms of hardcore MIB fans out there?

It's stuff like this that really makes me think that Hollywood (and the games industry) have taken the sequel and franchise thing too far. I hope (probably stupidly) that a real disappointment at the box office might make them a little more skeptical of that "Sequel = Safe Money" formula they've got going. Imagine if the money and resources that went into making this thing went into something more original--yes, riskier, sure--but the payoff might have been another Jaws or Star Wars.

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Minority opinion

While I tend to be extremely leery of "sequel-itis", I must admit that I really enjoyed the first 2 MIB films very much. I thought the first one had some terrifically fun concepts, and I enjoyed revisiting the characters in #2. My wife and I are both looking forward to watching this third one.

I tend to classify this kind of film as "a popcorn romp". It's a comedy in some aspects, it's got some fun scenarios, it has the occasional interesting and serious moment. But on no level are we talking about Oscar material. However it doesn't try to be IMO. The quality of the acting and directing keeps it light and enjoyable for me--no heavy plot twists, no sense of it taking itself seriously. (Which is my objection to Transformers, and to the Battleship movie. SFX action extravagandzas that attempt too serious of a tone. I wanted so much to like Starship Troopers, having been a major Heinlein fan as a kid... same problems there, along with the fact that the script had almost nothing to do with Heinlein's book.)

The 'flop' of John Carter made me sad too. I really wanted to see the other books made into another film(s). On it's own, I thought it a very good envisioning of the original Burrough's material, and thought the script was good. Certain bits of acting and the direction seemed uneven to me--and I'm still confused by some of the casting decisions. So I'm not surprised it came and went.

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for what its worth EW gives
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While i agree 100% (about

While i agree 100% (about sequels and such) name me one succesfull new game (movies we leave out, even if this was movie thread), that is its own IP, not a knock off, or part of an IP.. or to make it harder, inst just a rip of copy of some game before it (consoles have alot of original IP's but Gears of War is just Cod, is just MOH is...) Take alook at Steam (played) only 1 NEW IP... L4D... err wait that the 2econd one too! Counter Strike is in there.. and its orginal (for a FPS.. its actulaly kinda the one that started it all ) so .. one.. And its not just the US.. in game shops.. the top 10 games includes 3 of the sims games (all sims3).. BF3, ME3... Diablo III is number one, A football game ( current year).. and SWonline (which can be debated if is orginal or not). Then look at steam sales ONE SINGLE game in top 10 that inst a part of a ongoing set.. Dear Esther

In a business world where 300 employees are let go (38 studio) in weeks after a single game fails (I still put this one down to stupidly high expectations) you cant guess anymore.

Sequals have built in audiances, people will go see um if they liked the first ones.. and when its the 3rd.. its even better.. people can like 1 and hate 2 and hope 3 will be good.. (and mix 1 and 2 around the other way ). When it comes to movies Im an odd duck.. i can find something to like in almost all movies.. (except Lost in the Translation and Little Nickie).. at first I figured i was just going to good movies people missed.. but nha.. I loved Drive Angry (cage at his no face movment best) mix in satanic cults, muscle cars, a To cool for words "accountant" a massilvy nice to look at girl.. how can you go wrong? I loved it and recommended it to friends who all said "meh" when they watched it..

We live in a strange (but quite wonderfull world).. the reason MOH3/BF3 will countine to be the "type " of game people make is simple we all like to be a hero.. those games its pretty much 100% on you.. and when its online agaisnt people you ahve a real good shot at evntally hitting a server with idiots.. for that "wow Im a GOD at this game" feeling.. problem is that one server full of idiots.. that one feeling, we will chase it forever dieing over and over saying "lag, Cheater, etc" as we die like the rest, still beliveing we are special in some way at the game.

As for MIB... i can find you bad reivews of the first one too.. Personally i enjoy um.. mindless fun, nothing else.. whne a critic tries to see some grand vision in a movie like that.. hoo boy.. (I dont plan on seeing it till its on DVD)

but when it come to movies.. I liked Battlefield Earth.. effects where fine ( well except the aliens).. story was stupid, but I never felt it was slow or boring.. and the dumies won in the end.. pretty much every move ever. Dont get me wrong, i dont rent it, but I watched it, lauhged here and thier, smiled in a few spots, (espiecily how everybody said the aliens where so unbleiveable.. ya greedy assholes like could that happen?)
had a satisfying ending (my race WINS! gotta like whne as a race we win) with alot of of so-so to bad in the middle..

I do agree, movies is the one place betting big can payoff, far easier then games.. but .. John Carter (maybe the biggest movie flop of all time).. wasnt that bad a movie (was it?).. Battleship.. (i could have guessed this, but watched it and it wasnt that bad), 3 Stogges (man i wantd this one to good, the farley bothres can do no wrong in my eyes). and of ocurse the repeats.. Judge Dread flopped, Taken 2, Ghost Rider 2, Americna Ruinion ( thi sis like the 6th isnt it?) Total Recall remake..

I dont think we know what we want anymore..the new stuff is sinking the old remakes are.. Like sudio 38... i think they need to think a bit smaller, less money maybe?

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I've heard some reviews that

I've heard some reviews that said it's the best in the series. I thought like Pirates of the Carribean, the first MIB was in a class by itself. Then I disliked the sequel(s). At least the premise for MIB III is a good one, so I'll definitely check it out when it plays at home.


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