Working on our newest book: My PlayStation Vita

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My PlayStation VitaMy PlayStation VitaBill and I are happy to announce that we're hard at work on our next book, My PlayStation Vita, which will follow a format similar to our previous book, My Xbox. My PlayStation Vita is due out in the latter part of 2012 and will cover usage of all the major features of Sony's powerful handheld. There are other exciting projects we'll be working on both individually and together in 2012 and beyond, including another videogame-related book and two special projects in the medical field. As always, we'll keep you informed of the latest happenings. For now, check out the marketing blurb for My PlayStation Vita, and thank you for the continued support:

Sony PlayStation Vita gamers: get the quick, visual, one-stop tutorial that helps you maximize your fun! Master all the power Sony built into the PS Vita: the most incredible, connected, expandable portable multimedia gaming device ever created! Unbox your PS Vita, get networked, and start having fun, fast; discover the powerful tools and software already built into your PS Vita; and get social with Party gaming and real-time competition. Learn how to use your PS Vita as a world-class music and media player; browse the web and post on Facebook or Twitter; watch Netflix movies; stream content and games from your PS3; buy great games, themes, and avatars online; even use the PS Vita's built-in "augmented reality" cameras to embed yourself in the game! Quick, step-by-step instructions link to Playstation Vita screen captures that show you exactly what to do; Tips and Notes help you discover powerful new techniques and shortcuts, and Help features help you fix common problems, so you can focus on fun! Just bought your PS Vita? Whether you're new to Sony gaming, upgrading from PSP, moving from Nintendo DS, whoever you are, My PlayStation Vita will help you have more fun -- now, tomorrow, and for years to come!