Kingdom of Amalur Creators in Trouble

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David Barbour
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It's a risk in todays world

It's a risk in todays world sadly enough.

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I still remeber when they

I still remeber when they where talking finacing and Curt was going to foot alot of it (wonder how much)... 75 million ... (how many periods after that is the correct amoung :) ) grand ideas, with no track record. My understanding Bethesda employs less in both studios combined then the guys at 38. Excess at its finest. I found the game actually pretty good, my complant would be.. its to much like WoW (not gameplay) in look. The elder scrolls always held a destinct look, love it or hate it... it didnt copy anybody else. My guess is they will be ok.. they are using assests for a MMORPG (both are being developed at the same time).. so part of the development is still ongoing for a project yet to come. Whoever (besides the State) is investing will waste more money hopeing to get back some of it and maybe in the end it will work out. this kind of story is all to common now.

as it was basicly going against Skyrim, came out after, had light hearted colorfull cartoony graphics.. the elder scrolls are succesfull for many reason.. ligh hearted and colorfull is not one. Again I didnt find it a problem, but I have stated before I prefer the Skyrim graphic look.. and it appears so did others. I would hazzard a guess if it had came out 2-3 months before skyrim it would have done better, but who knows. just bad timeing. going against a well loveed established game series... and comming out late..

If they do fail.. it will be sad, I can see there is some talent, that game was about as good a game as any first time company could hope to make, looked good, played good, was fairly big.. they didnt nothing wrong.. I hope we see the MMORPG, i for one would be interested..

Bill Loguidice
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Clearly, a risky, high stakes

Clearly, a risky, high stakes business even when the product in question is reasonably solid, reasonably reviewed and well supported post release...


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