Matt Chat 148: The Fat Man Answers Your Questions

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Here's the last installment of my interview with The Fat Man, aka George Sanger. In this section, Fat Man answers your questions concerning game audio, careers in the industry, and even a bit of philosophy. If you think I did a good job on this interview series, please send a few dollars my way!

Download the mp4 here.


Rowdy Rob
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Joined: 09/04/2006
Great interview(s)! Sad to see it end. And Matt does MOD music!

My question was supposed to be an offhand joke when I posted it, BTW. I didn't in a million years think you'd actually ask it! :-S The result (with excellent production values) was very entertaining and funny. I hope Mr. Sanger didn't think I was some troll!

After the episode ended, I went to The Fatman's website, listened to some great tunes, read some of his musings, and followed some of his links. One of his links was to your (Matt's) old "electronic music" article on the old Armchair Arcade site. I re-read your article and noticed something about how you created some mod music on the Amiga! Curious (and wanting to listen to it), I did a Google search and ended up at your "Kairos News" website, and found the name of the MOD. I dug deeper and came across "Achilles." Excellent orchestral tune!!! Perhaps you could post it here on AA, or on Youtube.

I was considering posting one of my own Amiga music mods (on Youtube), but after hearing yours, I will now slink back into the dungeon with the rest of the commoners and eat my allotted gruel .... : -)

I don't see how anyone could watch the "Fat Man" interview and not come away with a) a great respect for the man, b) a great(er) respect for the unheralded game musicians, and c) a great sense of inspiration to create art, music or otherwise. Thank you, Mr. Sanger, for your contributions to the art form (video games) we so heavily enjoy, and for being so generous in your interview. And once again, great episode(s), Matt.

Matt Barton
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Joined: 01/16/2006
Wow, Achilles! Haha....I

Wow, Achilles! Haha....I wrote that forever ago for a project Bill and I were working on.

Here's the file for anyone interested. It plays in VLC player.

jaffa (not verified)


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