Matt Chat 147: The Fat Man Returns

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This week, I'm back with The Fat Man (George Sanger) to talk about some of his most famous game scores. Yes, that means Wing Commander, Ultima Underworld, and The 7th Guest. As always, Fat Man has great behind-the-scenes stories about all this stuff, so you go ahead and kickback with a fine cigar and a horn of Dragon's Milk. I also do a bit of clowning around at the end, giving you a glimpse of what it's really like making these Matt Chat episodes (hint: take after take after take...)

Download the mp4 here.


Paul H
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I was cracking up during the

I was cracking up during the ale of the week segment.

Joined: 01/21/2009
non flammable.. said the guy

non flammable.. said the guy who spells worse then a 1st grader! quite fun to listen to.. music in game is one place i would think I wouldnt find interesting.. but it was.. not that I dont care about music in games (I do).. but my understanding past listening is pretty much caveman.. so when you think about sombody talking about music in games you kinda think -way above my level- but as always fun to listen to and enjoyable.

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