Skyrim - One voice, one violin

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Bill Loguidice
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Yeah, this is all kinds of awesome:

Shawn Delahunty
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Speechless Awesome

Thanks so much Bill. This is fantastic. I see an iTunes purchase coming....

(Nope, never bothered to pick up Skyrim.)

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only song i have ever bought

only song i have ever bought on Itunes.. in fact i picked up several of them when i heard it.. ( i came across it when the dragon shout videos where hot).. though there are drums in too (at least it sure sounds like drums)... must be one voice (singer) and one violin (girl).. they kinda forgot the drums. I was alwasy a huge fan of sound track ot the original CONAN...

so this really appealed to me.. the Symphnic metal that was somewhat populour in the last few years is also quite cool.

but imagine most of you have heard it...

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