Do you care about Backward compatibility? Your thoughts, give them to me!

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JUST A THOUGHT: How many of you care about Backwards compatibility?
The Atari 7800 could play 2600 games, the PS2 could play original PlayStation games, the Wii could play Gamecube games. The PS3 and 360 had some BC options. How useful or important do you think the feature is? Do you factor in BC as part of your buying decision? Do you prefer to just play the newer games for the console instead? What say you?


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very big storage area

I yesterday,
heard Matts popcast (very popular cast:), my reacktion.

This about comfort, my comfort, user comfort. I dont like to have 8 boxes (+ my computers - master, old game computer (for Win9x), NAS and mac mini crapp for development) under my monitors , i even havent TV, and cables, cables hell, 4 cables for every console.
I realy like PC witch trades of all jacks, i where i can play, my console games with i already bough on emulators, which are betters than original console.

I could everytime deceive. Tell me what is best in life, than possibility of choice.. ok, ok except crush you enemies, in inet disscusion.., if i want to use, pc, mouse, gamepad, or wii remote (goog as remote mouse for PC too) i can.

Too hardware limitions to designers, time is cure. Now whole old console electronis, can be maked 10 times smaller that in time of original creating, in can be literaly SystemOnChip, as in case PS1 in PS2. New console at the start usualy has good HW to push games toward, but very bad games, a i usualy byu because support new HW possiblity, after i buying average games, but best for new console, to do this buy senseful.. but it isnt.

Who: Brujah Zealot, the pimp of babylons bitch. / Location: Scorched heart of Europe. // Sorry for my moldavian sort of english, i have 2 possibilities, to be silent or try to say something +look like idiot..

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