Matt Chat 145: The Skinny on The Fat Man

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In the third installment of what's being called "my best interview ever," Mr. George "The Fat Man" Sanger continues his discussion of the industry, covering such topics as the dangers of establishing a nickname and why gaming has never had its Woodstock (we can still hope.) He also shows off his exotic instrument collection and explains why a proper musician never blames his tools.

Download the mp4 here. As you know, Matt Chat is 100% funded by people like you. If you want to see it continue, donate today. One dollar is all I ask!


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I wont comment on size, but I

I wont comment on size, but I do know many parts of the world do throttle and manage downloads. I have freinds in the twin Cities (where Matt is) that have only so much bandwidth a month . So there is a reason to make something as small as possible and retain the quality you wants ( which in this case may be what it is... I must admit my knowledge of codacs and compression on video is very limited). My own cable company just put a limit on mine, while its quite large, its a crappy thing... Especialy when i cant vote with my wallet ( no other options), which is why they are doing it i think, they can!

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I think 250MB is extremely

I think 250MB is extremely reasonable for that type of length, plus it can always be streamed on YouTube. You can't please everyone.


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