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TRS-80 Emulation & GamesTRS-80 Emulation & Games
We here at Armchair Arcade are very happy to announce a new website feature for our audience: An on-line, in-browser emulation of one of the classic 8-bit computers--the TRS-80 Model III personal computer. You can now play and re-live some of the best 1-color, 8-bit gaming goodness of yesteryear!

With the kind permission of the emulator's developer, Peter Phillips, we are now directly hosting his TRS-80 emulator, and a sampling of the oldest-of-the-old-school games right here on Armchair Arcade.

To jump right into the retro-gaming fun, click this link or you may go to the GAMES navigation tab at the top of the page. While there, please check out our other game offerings.

For more information on the TRS-80 emulator, and on the retro-game I recently crafted for the TRS-80, please click this link to my blog postings.

Please enjoy!


coolmathgames (not verified)
Does it still work?

Will the machine still work today? Or is it no longer working?

Shawn Delahunty
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TRS-80 Emu requires JAVASCRIPT enabled

Everything is still up and still works. (The best performance in my testing is _still_ Google's Chrome browser. Firefox is still painfully slow and a little stuttery.) However, you must not:
(a) have any browser add-ons or extensions which block Javascript
(b) have Javascript turned OFF in your browser. (Some provide this capability to turn it off without a downloaded extension or module.)
(c) have an add-on which filters Javascript or modifies it by default. (The Greasemonkey plug-in allows this kind of modifying behavior...)

Hope this helps,

Joined: 01/21/2009
it worked fine for me what

it worked fine for me what browser are you using?

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