Game console you wanted but never got originally?

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I want to know, what video game console did you want back in the day, or to be more clear, when it was released and commercially available at retail but you never got? Maybe you have it now, maybe you got it years later or maybe you never did get it, whatever your story please share and let us all know about the one video game console you wanted originally but never got?
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Bill Loguidice
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Strictly consoles

I always wanted, but never got, an NES back when it was active. Same thing, though to a slightly lesser degree of desirability with the SMS. Otherwise I either had better alternatives (the most "worth it" console or consoles for the time) or had everything that was out, the latter of which was true since more or less the PS1 days, which coincided with my adult working life...

Rowdy Rob
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Pretty much all of them.

I never owned a console in it's prime, so I pretty much wanted all of them. I primarily recall wanting a Colecovision in my youth, but I wanted the Atari VCS/2600 when it was first released, and to a much lesser extent, the Intellivision. Then I wanted a Famicom (in Japan), then the NES (in the US). Then the Sega Master System. Then the Gameboy, then the Lynx, then the Super Nintendo (over the Genesis). Then the Playstation 1. Then the Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, and so forth.

Probably the only computer system I wanted was the C64. Which I never did get.

I did eventually get, long after they were released: two NES consoles (with NES Advantage joystick), two Gameboy Advance systems, a Dreamcast, and an XBox. I feel like I'm forgetting something... anyhow, the only console I still have is the XBox, and the only console I heavily played was the Dreamcast (which I no longer have). The Xbox is collecting dust, hardly ever been played.

Bottom line: I couldn't afford the early consoles when they were released (Atari, Coleco, Mattel, NES), and my parents wouldn't buy them for me. I worked summer jobs and bought my own Atari 800 computer, which killed my desire for the 2600 and Intellivision, but I still wanted the Coleco.

In the 16 Bit era, I was satisfied with my Amiga, so though I wanted an SNES, it wasn't a burning desire.

I guess I never was much of a console guy. I wanted them, but I wanted a computer more, and back then it was an either/or choice for me.

Matt Barton
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I never wanted a console

I never wanted a console until very recently. In fact, when I had a Commodore 64 and Amiga, I was a smug little pinhead about how much better those systems were than an NES/SMS and SNES/Genesis, respectively. I still am glad I had access to those instead of being limited to a games console, but in retrospect it would have been nice to also have access to the exclusive games. Sure, we had Great Giana Sisters, but it wasn't Mario, and it's a shame to have missed out on Zelda and Metroid.

Computers, now, that's a different story. I badly wanted an Amiga 1200 or 4000, just to see what AGA was all about. I also would have loved back in the 80s to have an Apple II, and in the early 90s to have a VGA-capable clone. Obviously, the Apple II saw lots of exclusives and original games, including all of Garriott's stuff up until very late (Ultima VII, maybe?). Of course, there were tons of excellent VGA games, too many to mention, really. I'm glad I had an Amiga, but going that route certainly limited my options in a major way.

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I wanted a 2600 so bad it

I wanted a 2600 so bad it hurt - though I did get one when it was still contemporary in the UK (Aug'82) - I did have to wait a year or two.....

The only other I coveted was the Colecovision - but the limited expensive library cooled by ardour somewhat.

What I really wanted was an Atari 800 but it was way out of my family's budgetary reach at the time - never mind the cost of games after that - I really should look at getting one with a few nice games.

I ended up with an Oric-1 and later a CPC464 before getting back into consoles.

David Barbour
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I grew up with most computers

I grew up with most computers but my the two that stuck through until my late teens was the C64 then the Amiga (500 then 1200). Both are still fresh in my mind to this day as I still own them both (1000+ games). Elite on the c64 (although played the original on BBC) closely followed by Frontier Elite II (buggy but still fun).

Only console's ive never owned are the NES and the SNES. Others I've been very lucky enough to own. Owned every console since the PS1 and I am looking forward to what the next generation will bring.


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