It's Official!!! The Two Guys from Andromeda are back!!!!

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Nathaniel Tolbert
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I just was informed that Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy are getting together to make a new adventure game! Tentatively called SpaceVenture this will be the first project that Mark and Scott have worked on since Space Quest 6. They have their own website which can be found here - This is very exciting to me because Space Quest was literally the third computer game I ever played (Defender of the Crown was the first, followed by King's Quest) and holds a very warm place in my heart. Now this is


a new Space Quest game. This is a brand new IP from Mark and Scott. I know a lot of people will be disappointed by this, but if this new SpaceVenture game sells great, maybe they can get their original property back and make a new Space Quest game as well!

Just to finish this off, I want to say Congratulations on getting back together Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe!!! I for one am extremely excited to see a new game from you both! What does everyone else think about this bit of news? Any thoughts?