Admitted Norway killer Breivik says he trained on video games

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Good news (sarcasum), somebody who, I think anybody in the world would agree is mentaly unhinged in someway has said something about video games and the PRESS has ran with it, hard and fast (headline).

Front page news on CNN. I wonder how much will come of it? Have we weathered the storm about Video games and People who are mentaly messed up using them as scapegoats? After pretty much any research done has proved there is no more link then TV or music, or basicly anything you grew up with. The sad part is the NUTCASE is the one saying the games helped in this case, not the press picking up that they "played" video games. I must admit he did pick (to start) the right game saying Modern Warfare 2 "helped him train".. but he also mentioned WoW... which anybody who plays games knows has no relistic anything.. timed attacks, dice rolls if you hit, bandaids that heal you to full in seconds, not to mentions Orcs, elves.. you know fantasy stuff (not real).... heck one could arguee MW2 is fantasy too.. its an Arnold movie.. one guy can eat 10000 rounds, and kill 100 guys with a gun that he can walk over an enemy and get ammo for... Quite frankly the only way it could be used for training is the gun site aspect of it, if you could even say a game where you can hold a gun as steady as a mouse allows is the same as a 20 lbs gun in real life.

No i will stop.. im trying to reason why a video game is not a training tool for batcrap crazy.. and it just me trying to say what eveyrbody knows in some logical way.. which, if you are already listening ot what this crazy person is saying proves.. they are not looking at this logical at all.

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I think a comment on the CNN

I think a comment on the CNN article summed it up nicely. This is a little man with a massive inferiority complex, and a huge ego. He specifically said what he did to draw as much attention to himself as possible.


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