Games that made you break stuff

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Matt Barton
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Here's a fun little topic for ye. Have you ever played a game that made you so mad that you broke something? Perhaps slammed your first down on your keyboard, threw your gamepad against the wall, or ripped a disk or cartridge out and smashed it with a hammer? What's the maddest you've ever been at a game?

I've been mad at so many...Usually it's not the game itself, but rather a glitch, such as when I lost my high level party in Pool of Radiance to a disk error. But other games can be just as bad. WOW and CIV IV can really get me foaming at the mouth angry. "Where the @$@ did those @#$# pikemen come from???"

What are some games that totally, totally pissed you off?

Shawn Delahunty
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Never on a console/computer

I've never gotten that mad at a console- or computer-based game--perhaps because I recognized how fragile they were.

In the arcades though? Well, let's just say that I have had the occasional bout of Arcade Rage. William's games could be particularly vexing--I can remember shaking a Robotron by the sticks so hard once that I thought I broke the thing. Walked very quickly out of the arcade... (Turns out it had a "kick switch"/"tilt-switch" wired up, which causes the game to trigger a full-on reset if you trip it.)

I also remember bashing the metal kick-plate pretty hard on a Discs of Tron upright because of a faulty contact in the up/down spinner causing me to lose my last guy on a hi-score run.

Rob Daviau
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I am sure over the years of gaming I have had my frustrations and freak outs but I really cannot recall a time it led me to damage or break something. Mostly I just do not express myself in that way. THOUGH I do recall one time when I was at my buddy Gord's house back in the day we we're taking turns playing E.T. on the 2600 when after a bout of failures trying to float out of the well's or holes or whatever suddenly with a mad gleam in his eye his ripped the cart out, looked at me exclaiming "THIS GAME SUCKS!!!" and proceeded to whirl it across the room. Now it was my cart so I made him trade it for his own copy not because it was broken but there was a slight scuff on the cart and label and I was pretty much Felix Unger from the Odd Couple and insisted on having the flawless perfect cartridge. I was and still am kind of weird lol.

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Been a long time but

Been a long time but Megamania on the 2600 cost me the price of a new joystick...clocked it in the end.

David Barbour
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Too many to mention but I'll

Too many to mention but I'll list a few.

World Of Warcraft Love the game, but it can be frustrating at times.

Ninja Gaiden (Xbox) If there ever was a game designed to break controllers then this was it.

Demon's Souls (PS3) On of my top five all time RPGS but wow is it hard (first playthrough)

Treasure Island Dizzy (Amiga) This must have been the first time I'd ever gotten annoyed at a game. One life, hit something and you're dead. I'm close to completion jump for the boat at the end and proceed to roll off. Well even at a young age I was annoyed heh.

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Castlevania... teh first time

Castlevania... teh first time i finally beat Drac.... or so i thought..
Seadragon on the Apple II...
Megaman.. most old school HARD nintendo games.. you know, when you didnt save, you played that game till you won or you started over.. that ment hours of playing with NO mistakes.. and a few seconds you could ruin hours.. and no way to load again.

Nowdays in LfD2 VS (dead vs humans)... i can get so frustrated with it...

and by far the worst
WoW as a healer... Pugs with real live humans... who act like they are 2 years old and not getting a candy.. i can deal with it and blow it off just so long and I get so massivly angry with people i put the game on hold for months (currenlty almost a year now.. dont get me wrong I peek in here and there, but no playing in almost a year becuase of the crap spewed by people in that game. Much like forums, people resort to teh lowest insults as they feel they dont have to take responsibility for thier words. It should be simple to let it go (and most times it is).. but you ahve those days where its just non stop and you understand why this world is so messed up....

ya the last bit.. not what you ment..sorry.. it frustrates the crap out of me :) so just take the top part

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