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It's 2012.

We have 'game engines' & 'fantastic free software'... But yet, at the same time there's so many problems it makes me think that not much has changed since... Sliced bread. I really should get over what I am about to go on about... But I thought you all might like to see my vent-ures into game production.

1st off the shelf... Unity3D can handle fbx files, no worries. (Well, I did have 1 issue in the past, but I fixed that relatively easily.)
I have every piece of software up-to-date. I regularly check out new builds and see how things are going.

Windows 7, 32bit system, 2gb ram (not much I know, I need a new PC)
Blender 2.6
UDK 9249

So basically this will be about how UDK promises so much, but at the same time is just a bulky pink elephant in the room.

Rough time-line of the recent month:

Received a soldier mesh, for rigging / animation. Texture was provided so that was all fine & dandy.
Created over 20 FBX files of animations. (Because if they were all 1 file, it would be over 100mb, and that's too much for any engine to actually handle unless you have a good 64 bit system, & what-not.)

Attempts to import into UDK

'Import failed.'

So, why not try AutoDesk FBX converter. Did so, and tested every setting from 2006 to 2012. And still, 'Import failed.'
So, why not try PSK/PSA? The actual Unreal exporter options in Blender?

Tried to do so, and every time the exporter fails in Blender and gives out a message 'Export failed - See Report Log'.
So after some digging...


"[Blender 2.6X Blender Export Script PSK/PSA :]
2.4 version
-Smooth is not working.(tried the import and export that I created it work fine[2012.04.13])"

Great. So at the moment, Blender is completely useless for animations for UDK. Frustration x100000000.

So why not use Collada exporter? Well, if I had a dollar for every time I read that... I'd have a few hundred dollars at least.
Don't you love it how people say 'try this & that' but 9 times out of 10 they haven't even tried it themselves & just expect things to work.

Here's something for Unity3D developers:

A FPS with a car & a helicopter to play around with. Awesome stuff.

And here's something for developers in general:
Euclideon & Unlimited Detail - Bruce Dell Interview by John Gatt

Bye bye polygons XD!!!!!

As you'll see... This new point cloud data graphics, will actually use up less processing power that what is currently used. Therefore, it throws a spanner into the system of 'upgrade for our profits, or you can't play the game mer me mer mer'...
Which is awesome. I predict, Unity3D will one day incorporate the Euclideon software (when it's fully complete). UDK will be a thing of the past, an example of how dinosaurs used to run the games / entertainment industry.

Horray. I feel much better. Time is on our side!

JMarner (not verified)
Unity vs. Unreal - it is much

Unity vs. Unreal - it is much about using the right tool for the job.

If you are making a PS3/Xbox360 AAA game Unity is useless. So far not a single AAA game has been released for it and it cannot handle the requirements. On the negative side the learning curve is quite steep - don't expect things just to work out of the box.

On the other hand Unity is ruling the mobile platforms; it is fairly easy to learn so it is great choice for indie developers.

I am working at Io Interactive (Hitman) on the Glacier 2 engine and is similar to the Unreal engine in these respects. It is for super users and for making very advanced games, but the learning curve it quite steep.


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Yeah the FBX format has

Yeah the FBX format has suffered from way to many iterations. I had to write a modified importer at one point when using it. The only advice I can ever offer on that is to just try every version of the exporter you can find and cross your fingers. FBX was a nice idea but in reality it's quite frustrating.

As for the point cloud stuff. I really have to take a wait and see approach.

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I guess that's not

I guess that's not surprising. Unity is the in thing right now, and I assume that's for a reason...

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So after all this hassle with UDK, the team has finally decided to go back to Unity.
We've also looked into various other game engines. Unity just seems to be the best at the moment.


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