Hello there

Hello, and thank you first of all for letting me join the community.

My name is David I'm 33 and live in the north west of England. My first experience with computers was something called a Dragon 32k. From what I can remember all of it's games were in black and white, I think it came with a game called UG on cassette tape. Then into the house came a BBC Model B (grandfather to the ARM) with such games as Elite (still play to this day) Repton (and its sequels) Citadel, Palace of Magic not forgetting Jet Set Willy (although the best version was on the spectrum 48k) and many more.

Then onto the Commodore C64 which I still consider to be one of my favourite systems to this day. Premier games included The Last Ninja 1 and 2 (the first having fantastic music) Paradroid, Head over Heels and not forgetting Maniac Mansion. Following on from that came the Amiga (various consoles) Upto now where I own a pc (used for World of Warcraft) Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

So all my life ive been surrounded by computers and their games, and I have no shame in admitting I always will in the future as well. Once again its good to have joined a community of like minded individuals and I'll see you out there.


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Welcome! My primary computer

Welcome! My primary computer as a kid was a C-64 as well, though I admit never being much of a fan of either The Last Ninja series or Paradroid... After that, I too graduated to an Amiga 500 before switching to a PC for good...

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welcome, its alwasy

welcome, its alwasy interesting to see somebody from different locations.

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