The AT&T PC 6300: A Retrospective

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Bill Loguidice
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Jim Leonard posted an AT&T PC 6300 Retrospective video:

He used some images of my own AT&T system within the video. The video is well done and it really shows the capabilities of AT&T's IBM PC clone in comparison to what was available at the time.

Nathaniel Tolbert
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I had heard of that machine....

I had heard of that machine but I've never seen one. Very impressive for the time for an IBM Clone. Faster than the machine it was a clone of. Very well done Olivetti. Very cool to see. Are you going to show us more of your classic computer collection? I'm interested to see what's next..

Shawn Delahunty
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Thanks Bill

I was never interested in the PC's until several years later in 1988 or so, but I had a sudden memory jarred loose by this video. That wacky "board game" commercial used to advertise these systems made me crazy, it ran ALL the time on our local TV channels.

Mr. Leonard did an excellent job with this retrospective--and I'm a little surprised that Olivetti/AT&T didn't stay ahead of the speed curve with updated systems. I wonder if it was a price-point issue, or a marketing and reputation issue--Joe Schmoe perhaps still thinking of computers as "big, scary things best left to the 'experts' like IBM who had tamed the beasts."


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