Top 10 NES Games according to GameSpot

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NESNESGameSpot has a nice feature up about the Top Ten NES Games according to its many readers. They tallied over 12,000 votes to get the resulting list. It will probably shock no one to see Super Mario Bros 3 at the top of this list, followed by Zelda (follow link for cool timeline). Perhaps more surprising is Final Fantasy at #4. This is the only Final Fantasy game I've played all the way through, and it seems odd that it would occupy such a top spot. I played it through an emulator at about four-x speed (and frequent warping), and even then it took hours of monotony to complete the game. Playing it on the original hardware must have been an exercise in endurance! I'm shocked to see Metroid coming in at a lousy #8. As far as I'm concerned, Metroid would've been at #4. Ahh...I can almost hear the theme music now...

Okay, guys...What are YOUR top-ten favorites for the NES?