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I've never actually created my own post before, up to now I've only commented on articles, but I wanted to put this out there because this seems like the site for people interested in this news. Following on the success of Tim Schafer's point-and-click adventure, Brian Fargo has thrown his hat into the crowd-sourced funding arena for Wasteland 2, and so far it's looking like they'll make their goal easily. Obviously no one is obligated to donate, and I'm not trying to advertise or anything, I'm just really excited about this new trend and I figure there are others here who will be excited as well. I also hear Chris Avellone is looking into doing a Kickstarter project, so I'll be on the lookout for that. I'm rather hoping for a Planescape 2. Not necessarily a sequel, but another game set in that universe with the shades of grey morality. What do you guys think of this recent trend? Which games would you like to see come back this way?


Shawn Delahunty
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Planescape 2? Mixed feelings

I really don't know how I feel about that. I'd be so afraid that they would tarnish my memories/experience with the first one. However, that universe sure is a tempting one to re-visit and explore--if they pulled off the feel just right, and avoided making a direct sequel, then I'd certainly give it a look.

Bill Loguidice
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Though they're not my

Though they're not my preferred classic RPGs by any stretch of the imagination, I think a logical conclusion from these Kickstarter resurrections is to get Richard Garriott to head up a modernized, but still traditional sequel to Ultima VII...

I think it would also be cool to have some of the classic arcade game design legends be specifically commissioned to make more arcade-style games in the spirit of the originals...

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i like the idea but in the

i like the idea but in the end I think the 'supporters" are going to get screwed. This is basicly paying to build the game (not news), but i dont know any games that dont go over budget or lose features becuase of cost.. Now if this all turns out great, call me on it.. but in a year from now when they say $90,000 gone, we need another 15 to finish.. what happnes? people pony up, fine.. but its like holding the game hostage to the poeple who paid.. and is incentive too! "well if i just donate $15 more I will get my original promised game, if i dont, I wont get anything!"... of course my real gripe with this.. look at the donations.. figures, etc.. all this adds to bottom line.. the ONLY ones they should have done is the BOX set (for the guys Like MATT) and the code ones.. you get purple hair if you donated.. or the big donations get a named NPC in game or some crap like that.. but actual metirail goods.. put the money in the game, not nick nacks..

with all that said I think I will be in for the $30 Wasteland was not my favorite RPG.. but the FALLOUT succesors are.. so I will support it.

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