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Not sure how many of you are comic book geeks , but one of the TRUE artists of comic books, not only in art but story passed away. Moebius had a distinct art style that set him apart. I may be wrong but I belive hw as orginaly going to design the ALIEN for he aliens film but had to pass and Giger was brought in (that just to point out how distinct his art style was). If you ahve seen HEAVY METAL the movie... The MAIN story line (the female guarding against ultimate evil) is based on his work. While the movei isnt his work, the art sytle does try to copy (very lossly) it.. The huge barren desert with tons of mechanical pipes and such, the huge medievil like strurctures in town with impossilbe stairs and gravity... WHile he hadnt done much int he last few years ( he has been ill awhile). I have preatyy much all his stuff that has been traslated to english (he is french).. and even have a couple prints of his.

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Aw geez... another great one has passed.

Thanks for letting us know Clok. I hadn't read or seen that he'd passed away. I first got into him and Sid Mead as a result of seeing TRON as a young teenager. I picked up a magazine on the movie, and they had a multi-page spread with some of the concept art those guys did--blew my 12 year old mind.


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Yeah sad

I was shocked to find out Moebius passed away. A true innovator in art. Read a lot if not all his albums that got translated in English/Dutch but also his non translated work.

He did a lot of work for the movie industry too and worked on some of the true scifi classics. His psychedelic scifi style combined with down to earth topics like his Blueberry Western comic made him a very versatile creator. He will be missed.


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