Announcing: Match 3 Invaders, a New Game by Matt Barton

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Match 3 Invaders: Oh, hellz yeah!Match 3 Invaders: Oh, hellz yeah!Here it is Space Aces, my latest game: Match 3 Invaders. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to combine the pulse-pounding, sweaty-palms excitement of the classic Space Invaders arcade game with the relaxing strategy games known as "Match 3?" Now you have the chance to find out! Can you concentrate on lining up color matches while simultaneously dodging enemy fire? Can you endure the excruciating time limit as the aliens descend lower and lower upon your position? Most importantly of all: Can you rack up enough points to enter you name on the hallowed High Score Table?

It's Match 3 Invaders by Matt Barton. Now get in there and start matchin' and poppin' like you mean it!

Special thanks to: Triphamer, clok1966, Salty Pretzels, Eigen, Peter Horvath, Nathaniel Tolbert, and everyone else who beta tested and offered advice.

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Take your time and wait for

Take your time and wait for as many saucers as possible on lower levels helps. :)


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