10 Things I Hate About Gaming.

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Sure it's a long response but I DO give some examples lol! A response to thesaintedmagnusshow "10 things you hate about gaming tag"
NOTE: If you don't have time or want to hear my personal examples for each reason no problem, HERE are the 10 things I talk about: (though to be fair, if you disagree with any you SHOULD hear my example first)

1. Getting harder to find good deals (on retro games)
2. Power or other disruption JUST before reaching a higher level or score.
3. Achieving something in a game and having NO PROOF!
4. Game glitches / bugs that wreck your game.
5. Getting that anticipated game that just does NOT deliver!
6. Game to short.
7. Unskipable cut scenes.
8. People who don't "get" video games and on top of that mock or belittle you.
9. Crappy endings.
10. Not enough titles for your favorite genre.


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I was just going to post a

I was just going to post a BLOG titled "why i hate video games" but my reason (and post ) was really a shortfall of my own, not games so never posted it.. but this ties in.

Picked up Saints Row III, over the top GTA clone that ... makes GTA seem tame. The sex/violance/gunplay is all so far over the top its silly... and incredibly fun ( to me). As i had only glanced at the original games (have both on the 360) i really didnt know what the game was like hwen i purchased it, just a fun (and again way over the top trailer which almost makes no sence when you watch it (unitll you play the game)).

Well it was on sale on steam so i picked it up. The game starts with missions... you just do um and finish them.. quite fun. a shootout on in impossibly large plane ( the game even makes fun of it).. a shootout on flying helicopters, a shootout in a flying bank vault (yes it makes sence in the game).. i was having a blast.. You can eat more bulltes than Arnie in one of his 80's movies (and he would also be impressed with your body counts and one lineres).. the game is simply FUN (as long as you can get past the masive amount of blood/violance/sex/cuss words/etc.. this game is OVER THE TOP IN EVERY WAY-- one weapon is a 4 foot long dil@O you beat people with)

Ok.. why i hate games.. it controls naturally no long learning curve, cars drive nice.. etc.. well the game goes from mission to open world -you pick the missions- no biggy.. but missions that create the story at start was kinda nice. My second mission is to break into a High Rise of the rival gang.. no way in so we parachute into the pool on the roof (big party) and start killing everybody and need to get a elevator code to let our freinds up.. you do this, huge shootout but hte guy you wher after gets away in a helicopter.. you are to give chase..

GAME SUCKS!!! this heil takes more then 2 hands to fly, its not natural. and to top it off you chase the boss, but if you get to far away.. game over, start over. I tried it about 6 times and the frustration built .. Up to this point this gme was non stop fun.. then i hit this roadblock and may never play the game again.. an overly hard control of a REQUIRED heli battle.. it reminds of those escort missions nobody likes yet the game compnaies keep putting in..

part of the problem is me ( maybe all of it) i cant get the hang of the copter.. and you need ot be remotly ok with it to keep up with him.. so i ahve a choice.. play a part of the game I dont enjoy ot get ot more i do.. with the thought there may be more Heli missions.. or... do what i ahve done.. nothing, game is over for me.. (but i doubt i cna stay away i was having fun with it).. the gun fights, car chases.. i can wreak do so many things .. but htis mission.. keep up or die.. no options at all...

I HATE THAT! open world game that sudeely says "do this or else!"

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