Matt Chat 139: Labyrinth, Koronis Rift & More with David Fox

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I'm back this week with part 2 of my interview with Lucasfilm designer David Fox. In this part, we talk about a lot of issues David faced in the 80s, such as why he disliked working on conversions (ports) and the steps they took to combat piracy. We also talk about Koronis Rift and Eidolon, as well as Maniac Mansion. We start talking about Zak here as well. Lots of good stuff for fans of Lucasfilm games.

Download the mp4 here.


Matt Barton
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I'm a bit surprised at the

I'm a bit surprised at the low # of comments and views on this one...I mean, come on, it's friggin' David Fox talking about Lucasfilm Games' history! I thought I'd have a monster hit on my hands. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of folks out there who'd be interested in this if I could just get the word out better.

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The title says it all

No worries. Views depend strongly on the title you choose. Few people will have heard about Koronis Rift or Labyrinth. If the next episode has a big fat "Zak McKracken" and "Lucasfilm" and "Noseglasses" prominently in its title, view statistics will sky rocket for all parts. This is a monster hit that people haven't discovered yet.

Btw, it's amazing how great Koronis Rift and The Eidolon still look coming six years before Catacomb 3D.

wizaard (not verified)
Just discovered this website

Just discovered this website and really enjoying it. Koronis Rift was one of my favorite C64 games, although I could never finish it and to this day haven't figured out how to beat that game.

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