The Rise and Fall of the IFF Format

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AmigaAmigaWow, the Amiga news just keeps on rolling in today. Well, this isn't precisely Amiga news, even though that's the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear the word "IFF." IFF, or interchange file format, was developed by Electronic Arts in 1985 in its bid for world supremacy. It became a very important format on the Amiga platform for images of all sorts. Indeed, jpeg and gif support was a long time coming to the Amiga, which was a definite problem during the early days of the Web for Amigans. Anyway, IBM has published a very nice page about IFF, and makes a surprising and evocative claim: The Interchange File Format (IFF) standard is widely regarded as long dead, and indeed, no one uses it anymore, except that nearly everyone uses it sometimes.
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Bill Loguidice
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Shortly after getting an

Shortly after getting an Amiga 2000 on my recommendation, I remember my friend being very angry about getting the system since it didn't display GIF's correctly. He sold the system and got a PC. That was the last time I ever recommended the system on the flawed notion of my own brand preferences. If I'm ever asked to recommend a system, it's what I think would best fit the person's needs, be it something from Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, etc.

By the way, it really is a great article.

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Mark Vergeer
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I recommend getting an intel Mac machine

iMac SphereiMac SphereLike the article a lot. Especially for an IBM one, they often tend to be boring in my opinion. As for recommending a computer system - I've made similar suggestions talking people into getting an Amiga etc. I've also recommended specific IBM compatible configurations in the past, sometimes even building them with a friend. I've strayed away from that a little. I'll recommend people to get a ready build machine and trweak that to their needs, but today I'd recommend anyone an intel Macintosh, with a little investment (buying an additional WIndowsXp liscense) one can have the best of both worlds. Unless one is a big high profile pc gamer that wants a 64bit AMD CPU with a quad SLI Nvidia graphicscard setup sucking away 300+ Watts of power whilst resembling a helicopter when it comes to the amount of dB's such a system will produce.

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