Dev Diary 013: Match 3 Invaders

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I'm feeling pretty good about this release; it really feels like the pieces are finally coming together. Pretty much all placeholders here for graphics and such, but I think the gameplay is pretty clear at this point. I've added increasingly difficult levels, a simple power-up to boost your ammo, lives, and of course a high score table. The high score table gave me a lot of trouble; I probably should have just got the one for $25, but free was hard to pass up. I had to modify it extensively to get it to work, and I'm still not very comfortable with it; but it SEEMS to work. Try it out and let me know what you think!

I was really disappointed when I tried to replace my player cube with a model I made in Blender. I spent the better part of three hours trying to work out why it was coming in at a weird rotation. No matter what I tried (and I went through all the various export FBX options on Blender), I couldn't get it to work. I was *really* hoping that importing simple models from Blender wouldn't be a nightmare, but it looks like that's exactly what I'm in for if I go that route. I suspect the issue is my scripting for the cube's movement and rotation, but I couldn't isolate the problem. I'll probably keep playing with it after this upload. As always, if somebody can figure out why the @#$@ it isn't working as it should, please chime in.

I played it several times and didn't find any obvious bugs, though some stuff I can't decide if it it's a bug or just my imagination. If you guys notice anything not working correctly, let me know.

At any rate, enjoy! I'm curious to see what kind of high scores you guys are able to rake up. It gets pretty insane pretty quick.

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Matt Barton
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Thanks, Péter. I'll

Thanks, Péter. I'll experiment with this tomorrow and see if I can work it out. I was playing around with Blender today trying to make an invader, but still have a lot to learn about that program, too.

Nathaniel Tolbert
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Excellent work! I cannot wait to see more

I'm always impressed with what people can do with these software platforms. I would love to be able to do something like this, but I haven't got the ability to. I can give you ideas on styles of games (at least that I would be interested in) but I couldn't program any myself. I wish it wasn't so, but I don't think I have the patience to program. I have been slowly teaching myself C and was planning on moving to C++ after I finished, but I'm not moving very fast at all....

Anyway, keep up the excellent work and don't let mr. Anonymous get you down. Remember, it's much easier to destroy and tear down, than it is to create or build up.


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