Very sad, I BROKE MY YINLIPS! My low cost entry into ANDROID platform.

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UGh, I am not happy. I broke my YINLIPS ANDROID Handheld. It was my low end entry into the ANDROID platform and after following some awesome tutorials from Qbetaddict1 I had the firmware upgraded and everything running smoothly. I was very impressed and happy with it and it had become my personal most used handheld. Now I am back to my 2nd favorite, my GP2X Caanoo.
I Know it is a Cheap ugly PS VITA knockoff but honestly I really liked it! As a low level entry into the ANDROID platform it rocked? and was my favorite hand held. It was great for ANDROID games, emulators and VIDEO!


Mark Vergeer
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Sorry to hear this Rob.

Sorry to hear this Rob.


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