Matt Chat 136: Peter Oliphant on Stonekeep, Interplay, and Brian Fargo

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In this part of my interview with Peter Oliphant, we finally get the dirt on Stonekeep's storied development cycle. What was going on behind the scenes of this monumental game? Peter gives us the lowdown in an emotional rant about the frustrations he suffered as control was wrested for him in a series of executive decisions by Interplay's Brian Fargo. Even with all of his experience working in Hollywood, his feedback was not even considered during the making of the FMV sequences--to disastrous effect.

Download the MP4 here.


Anonymous (not verified)
Matt, believe it or not, but

Matt, believe it or not, but there's actually a sequel to Stonekeep that just came out.

Looks like our friend Peter might be eligible for some royalties... maybe 10$ if he's lucky though sadly, judging by the look of this game. :P

I hope he goes ahead and releases his Lexi-Cross sequel. Mr. Oliphant looks quite capable, so at this rate I wonder if he really needs a publisher to work with, although it might be harder to market it without one. After all, these days, anyone can self-publish on iOS and Android, and I'm sure that someone of his skill, skilled enough to invent a brand new programming language by himself, would have no trouble at all getting the hang of these platforms. Maybe with a few contractors for stuff like art/music and the like it could be viable, and would thus allow him to cut out the middleman.

By the way Matt, have you heard of this micropayment platform? It looks like something just for people like you, who have blogs/web shows and need to rely on donations. It also looks quite easy to implement. I thought you might have a look at it.

Keep up the good work!

I remember my old friend pc,

I remember my old friend pc, editing levels for Doom X)
I think the element first person took me to play the title, a good rpg, a little tight for the concept fantasy game .. extremely focused on indoor. the story is cool, good fantasy, a bit slow in action among other things, but I put on my list of first person rpg "shooters". do not consider this a criticism.
I hope you show a bit of Ultima Underworld.

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