Do you regret being a gamer?

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Joined: 05/21/2006
While I love gaming as a

While I love gaming as a pastime it can distract me from being productive sometimes...this week is a case in point. I'm off work this week and had hoped to get on with some Java coding I want to do - while I achieved what I set out to do - which was a modest goal - I really have been hitting the consoles this week and have probably burned up a couple of hours each day I could have been doing something else with.

I've also dipped my toe back into 6502 assembler programming - I've been hacking some atari 2600 ROMS to run at 60Hz with PAL colours and posting over at - again I've finished what I wanted to get done this week re that as a prelude into getting back into 6502 coding which is something else on my to do list but I've been "playtesting" a bit too much.

It doesn't always distract me but I can get a bit obsessed at times and I have to work at striking a balance and get some activities in that don't involve me sitting on my arse.

BuckFeris (not verified)
Go ahead and waste your time

First...about the following comment from Tootsie: "Can you read a book with passion? no. Can you watch a movie with passion? No."

What? I didn't quite understand that. Ever cry while reading a book or watching a movie? Or for that matter listening to a symphony or an opera. Art has fascinated us for hundreds (arguably thousands) of years. Video games are also an art. Has a video game ever made me cry. Honestly, no. What's that text adventure that always get people? Can't think of the name of it right now.

Anyway, back to the poll. Don't ever feel guilty about spending time playing video games. Well...unless your pathological about it. For a short while I played one of those free online build-your-little-empire games called Evony. The guy who ran our alliance seemed to be on the damn thing 24/7. At some point he intimated to a group of us that he was probably getting a divorce over the time he spent playing this game. Now to be honest, that little factoid is probably indicative of other problems in the marriage not mentioned in that conversation. But it can't help if you're trying to patch things back together. I have seen marriages crumble over stupid things like golf as well. But pathological addictions to gaming aside, your free time is exactly that. Your free time. And don't feel bad spending it however you chose to spend it.

I work in organ donation, and there is some pretty high stress in that place. Upper management consists of a bunch of guys with multiple graduate degrees who are on call 24 hours a day, and often get dragged out of bed because people are dying and all hell is breaking loose. Every one of those guys spends part of their week watching basketball. They obsess about it. The fret about it. They spend giant wads of money buying season tickets, traveling to away games, and indulging in something that is a complete freaking waste of time. Really, ten guys running back and forth on a hardwood floor playing a children's game. Millions upon millions of dollars is spent trying to figure out which team of uneducated knuckle dragging morons can put a ball in a basket the most times. I find it disgusting. I don't see how anyone could bring themselves to waste any amount of brain cycles on something so stupid.

But those same people look at me quizzically when I have spent hours attempting to successfully emulate a Windows 95 environment so I can play "Curse of Monkey Island." To each their own.

Politicians, lawyers, transplant surgeons, business moguls, paramedics, firefighters, and trash collectors all have free time to spend, and all of them like to unwind with some mix of mindless activity and art appreciation. So don't feel guilty about it. Indulge yourself. Just don't get divorced because you've spent 65 hours this week trying to amass 3,000,000 archers for an attack when your wife wants to go out to dinner with you. Keep things in perspective.

Mark Vergeer
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Joined: 01/16/2006
Social networks - a side track semi OT

If anything is not meant to last, be expendable, disposable than it is 'the social network'. All is there for the here and now and instant gratification of interaction but it is damn difficult to retrieve some 'old interaction' from say a couple of years ago.

The only things that remain more or less accessible are photos and movies that have a specific accessible spot in the interface. The games that have flocked to sites like Facebook only enhance the feeling that games are a disposable pastime that will infringe upon you private data or want to data mine your responses within the game only to be able to serve you more precisely targeted commercials. Can't believe NINTENDO actually flocked to Facebook too - or so I heard from a fellow gamer.

Not sure what to think of these changes, our culture has moved rapidly into the digital plain yet has failed to properly protect and preserve the culture within. Because it is digital people think it is going to last 'better than before' - perhaps those compact disc commercials really stuck? But a lot of people aren't making back ups and if they do it really depends on the media used of those backups are going to work in the future.

Of course greedy man has come up with a solution to that, you don't need back ups. We are going to store all your information in 'the cloud'. Nice and convenient and exportable for all to hack into. Say the word 'cloud' for a safe storage solution is not very appealing to me, nothing is more volatile and shifty than a cloud. Sure it can hold a ton (of rain) of information but when it is hacked into, or a company goes belly up the data could end up being lost or inaccessible fairly easy. I am not a paranoid bastard but that is what is bound to happen one of these days.

Then there is the thing that there are different information laws and that in some regions it is forbidden to pry into that data stored inside the cloud but there are a lot of countries that move towards the direction of allowing governments to pry inside the data stored in the cloud which basically even is a reduction of privacy if you ask me.

Anyways, I will get off my high horse and let this thread continue its natural course :P

If gaming moves into the non-ownership digital download or streaming only realm it would not be as interesting to me as it is today. It is definitely no worth investing money in as you basically throws that away it is all about enjoying the game in the here and now and know that the ability to have tge experience again will probably be lost in the future when servers have shut down, support has dropped, company has gone belly up, they want to bring out a more enhanced version of it - feeding it to the masses at a high price only to be able to enjoy it in the here and now again. That is if they preserve the source code...

Funny how game companies in the early 80s treated video games as throw away culture too, source codes were thrown out or weren't kept at all, master tapes were lost. Nobody expected geeks to hold on to the hardware and software that ended up preserving that culture that Generation X experiences and grew up with for the first time. If it weren't for the illegal copying, hacking many of these games would have been lost or will be lost quickly. Thank god for the disk hacking and saving to d64 files of many commodore 64 classics as that obviously was the only way to preserve the legacy. Nobody else took care of that whatsoever. Same goes for dumping the game files of cartridges to files - this allows people to preserve and play the games even after the carts have turned into a pile of dirt. Hopefully - provided we still have operating systems that allow people to compile and run their own data. As things are going Microsoft wants to force PC hardware makers into making the PCs only boot Windows, alternate OSes like Linux won't boot from modern PCs if Microsoft has its way... Sigh...

Actually Microsoft is pulling an Apple here as Apple pretty much does the same thing to its hardware and it's OS X which actually is perfectly capable of running on various PC hardware but they refuse to license it properly do it can. It's all for the short term greedy men I say LOL

Mark Vergeer
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Joined: 01/16/2006
It is something I do, something I am

It is something I do and something I am, never stopped after being exposed to games (video, board, card games) caught the bug from my mom who still plays videogames at 68 going on 69.

I don't see myself ever stop being interested in video games and old retro systems. I do want to venture out more into the adventure style game and have ventured into many an adventure already.

I do see myself perhaps stop buying new games if the companies shave off even more off the actual ownership of a video game and turn it into some sort of expendable disposable past time. I see video games as important cultural pieces of heritage that should be accessible to future generations but the way things are going right now basically any sort of media for that matter will NOT be accessible to future generations when it stops being commercially viable.

The patent wars, ACTA, SOPA and what have you bring out the worst in greedy man... Sigh...

Tootsie (not verified)
Gaming is a passion, not a

Gaming is a passion, not a passive activity. What I mean is that you can put your heart and your soul into gaming in a way that you can't do with anything else. Can you read a book with passion? no. Can you watch a movie with passion? No. Those things are great and wonderful experiences, but you cant interact. They do not monitor your performance the way a game does.

You can play a game well or badly. Can you read a watch a movie well or badly? No. Everyone reads books and watches movies the same. Excuse my poor English, but I think you see what I mean there. You have to be at a skill level to enjoy a game. Anybody can watch a movie.

Also, a game rewards you for putting more time into it. Watch a movie a hundred times, you gain nothing. Play a game for that many hours, you gain experience, skills, points, and insights. A movie is an experience, a game is a performance.

I'm sorry if I'm not making any sense. I wish I could communicate better what I am feeling on this topic. Gaming is so much more than couch potato. I wish I could express that.

ACWraith (not verified)
I regret not playing more games.

I regret not playing more games. I own too many that I have not played and it makes me feel ignorant when developing my own.

While I spend a lot of time with audio and video podcasts, I can often enjoy them in the background while working on something else so they don't particularly worry me either.

Honestly, I'm finding social networks to be my worst time sink. I've always been able to shrug off Facebook as a "sometimes food", but Google+ makes topics of interest too easily accessible.

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